Life on Indiana Highway 1

Everybody has a story . . .

The Project

The idea for this project came about during a media-focused conference that Mike attended in 2013. He joined a session led by two professors from Eastern Illinois University, who had paired up in to work on a series of articles along Illinois Route 1. He found the concept interesting and wondered if he could attempt something similar for Indiana Highway 1.

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The authors on Highway 1 south of Farmland.

Indiana Highway 1 ends at U.S. 20 in the northeast corner of the state.

The Road

Indiana Highway 1 stretches 180 miles north to south along the state’s eastern edge. The north section is 40.7 miles long and runs from just north of Fort Wayne to U.S. 20. The south section, 139.8 miles in length, picks up on the south side of Fort Wayne and ends at U.S. 50 in Greendale near I-275. The section around Fort Wayne has been decommissioned.

In 2007, then Indiana governor Mitch Daniels unveiled a sign in Auburn designating the road as the state’s Purple Heart Memorial Highway.

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Gene Biberstein from The Gourd Farm

The Gourd Farm

Gene Biberstein’s worn face cracked into a wide smile and a hundred wrinkles as he spoke of his passion: gourds. “Bigger gourds can weigh better than 200 pounds when they’re green,” Gene said.

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Bill Yelton and Will's Cafe

At the End of Highway 1

Highway 1 ends at U.S. 50 next to Bill Yelton’s property in Greendale. As we pulled into what looked like, at first glance, a truck repair shop to take a few photographs of the “highway ends” sign, a tall, 30-something man in shorts drinking a soda ambled over to our car.

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Lisa Vetter and Paul Siefert of The Art Farm

The Art Farm

Creativity oozes out of the old Amish farmhouse in Spencerville. From the mailbox out front lined with old pop bottle caps to the vertical bicycle-wheel sculpture at the back of the house, a variety of trinkets, discarded items, and ordinary artifacts from life form art pieces and wall-scapes around the property.

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Chocolate Moose

If you only made one stop along Highway 1, we would recommend the Chocolate Moose. Why? One . . . the great, all-America hamburgers, and two . . . the fabulous ice cream . . . try something with chocolate sauce.

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Mike Saunier image

Mike Saunier

Mike has been involved in the Media Communication industry for a number of years. His career began as an editor/writer/photographer for a non-profit organization where he worked on a bi-weekly magazine. From there he moved into layout and design and production management. His next role consisted of managing a newly formed web development team with two designers/content providers and two back-end developers. After that, he moved into the position of Communications Director for the organization. For the past seven years (up until the present), he's had the privilege of teaching and mentoring students as a professor of Media Communication at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

Logan Evans image

Logan Evans

Logan is a student at Taylor University working toward a degree in Film and Media Productions/Systems. He has been a photographer for four years and has recently taken up learning design and typography. His past work has included wedding photography, a 45-minute narrative movie, and some promotional video work. In his free time he drinks coffee, rides bikes, watches movies, Googles everything, and browses Instagram. Inspiration for collaborating on this project came from following the Humans of New York project.